Can You Microwave Saran Wrap? (It’s a One-Word Answer!)

The Short Answer

Yes, you can microwave saran wrap!

The Long Answer

After only a few short decades since its invention, it’s amazing to think how dependent upon the microwave our culture has become! A microwave can be used to thaw food for cooking, prepping leftovers for a second meal, and making easy snacks. However, even though people use microwaves everyday, folks still have questions about them. For example, many people wonder if it is safe to place saran wrap in a microwave.

Everybody knows there are certain things that should never be placed inside of a microwave. The easiest example to think of is anything metal. Metal can quickly start a fire in a microwave. Understandably, saran wrap isn’t metal, but are there still risks associated with placing saran wrap in the microwave. However, many people believe these risks stem from health hazards rather than fire hazards.

What are the health hazards associated with saran wrap in the microwave? For starters, it is understood that certain chemicals are placed on the saran wrap to help the saran wrap cling to other materials. When the saran wrap is heated, it is believed these chemicals are sucked into the food also inside of the microwave. Notably, it is believed by some that fatty foods and cheeses, two foods that are often heated inside of microwaves, are particularity adept at absorbing these unwanted chemicals.

Nobody wants to think they are eating a reheated plate of spaghetti and meat sauce topped with chemicals taken from a roll of saran wrap. It’s also not appetizing to think the frozen chicken wings you just cooked in the microwave have a layer of chemicals on the top. Thankfully, the FDA doesn’t believe this is the case.

The FDA knows that a large portion of the saran wrap manufactured today will end up in a microwave at some point. As a result, the FDA has done some rigorous testing with this popular culinary material. The conclusion is that the saran wrap does not put chemicals on food in the microwave. In fact, this authorizes many manufactures to put a label on their plastic wrap products stating that the plastic wrap is microwave safe. In other words, you don’t need to worry about it all!

It’s easy to become concerned about things being placed in a microwave. Many things simply don’t belong there. However, saran wrap doesn’t happen to be one of those things!