Frigidaire FFCM0724LB Countertop Microwave Review

Most microwave ovens that big companies produce these days are large, high-performance models. Sometimes they have so many features it seems the company wants to squeeze a whole kitchen into a microwave.

Some of us still prefer small, simple and efficient microwaves to do some quick cooking. These microwaves are usually cheaper and get the job done with no fuss. One of these models is the Frigidaire FFCM0724LB.

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The FFCM0724LB is small and compact. The microwave looks modern and has a pretty unique shape that adds a nice touch of originality and makes it stand out among competition. The overall design is not really eclectic or too out there, but it is certainly special enough to be considered unique. These designer efforts often go under-appreciated, but can bring some aesthetic value to your kitchen. With that said, this is not a model that will fit in every kitchen, so the unique design might prove to be a con for some visually conscious users.

Frigidaire FFCM0724LB 700-watt Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cubic Feet, Black

A large number of buttons is placed on the right, they’re easy to read and the entire device is pretty easy to use. Capacity of 0.7 cubic feet might not seem like much if we compare this model to large microwaves, but considering this is a mini, budget microwave that’s more than enough space for a bit of quick cooking. The safety lock option is a nice addition that brings another flavour into the mix and the LED display looks pretty nice.

The FFCM0724LB doesn’t have any major flaws when it comes to design and should be perfect for users looking for a smaller microwave that doesn’t take up too much room, but gets the job done.



If we compare the performance of the FFCM0724LB to the performance of large microwaves many of us have gotten used to, it is nothing special, but considering this is a small, compact mini microwave it performs very well. Good enough to be considered well above average performance wise, within this category.

Arguably the best thing about this microwave is the incredibly low price. This makes the FFCM0724LB a good investment and overall a smart purchase.

Auto cook, auto-reheat, defrost and 2-stage cooking work very well and the food prepared in this microwave comes out evenly cooked and tastes good. 7 auto-cook and 4 reheat options are more than enough and reheating, defrosting, making popcorn and preparing meals is easy and goes smoothly. Obviously, this microwave is not meant for preparing large family feasts, but it does what it’s supposed to very well. More details about specifications and other technicalities below.

Dimensions and Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Width: 12 inches (interior), 17 inches (exterior)
  • Height: 8.25 inches (interior), 10.1 inches (exterior)
  • Depth: 11.5 inches (interior), 13 inches (exterior)
  • Capacity: 0.7 Cu. Ft.
  • Colour: Black
  • Material type: Stainless steel
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wattage: 700 watts
  • Power levels: 10


  1. Easy to use
  2. Performs well
  3. Decent number of features
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Design


  1. Not for preparing full meals

Final Verdict: The Perfect Budget-Friendly Mini Microwave

The Frigidaire FFCM0724LB Countertop Microwave is one of the best budget-friendly microwave ovens on the market today. Given the price, it over delivers on features, specifications and overall performance. The unique design might not fit every kitchen, but the device is small enough to be organically integrated into most cooking spaces. This microwave is just versatile and capable enough to prepare simple meals, reheat dinner from last night and other, simple cooking tasks.

Those looking for a large, high-end microwave should look elsewhere, but those looking for a nice, small microwave oven that gets the job done will be more than satisfied with this little gem.

Frigidaire FFCM0724LB 700-watt Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cubic Feet, Black
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Frigidaire FFCM0724LB 700-watt Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cubic Feet, Black
  • Countertop microwave oven with 0.7 cu. ft. capacity and 9.6 in. glass turntable
  • Ready-Select control panel with safety lock
  • 700 watts of power with 10 cooking power levels

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Frigidaire FFCM0724LB Manual