The Best Microwave Brands

Choosing the Best Microwave Brand for Your Kitchen

The microwave is, without a doubt, one of the most essential kitchen appliances. Ever since the late ‘60s, when it was made available to the general public, until today – the microwave has been an integral part of our kitchens and a part of our lives. In the ‘70s about 20% of American household owned one of this devices and by the mid-nineties that number grew to almost 85%.

We have more microwave models available today than we’ve ever had. There are different types, sizes, brands and the best of all is; we can learn about them online before deciding which one to buy. A few things determine which microwave a person will buy:

  • Type
  • Budget
  • Personal preferences and taste

Even with these things in mind, it is sometimes hard to make that final decision and reach for the wallet. Picking the right microwave can be a time-consuming process so it’s best to stick with what we know. We know that there are companies that have been producing different types of high quality microwave ovens, for decades. We have compiled a list of those companies.

Note that they are not listed in any particular order. This is a list, not a ranking 🙂

The Top 8 Microwave Brands


1. LG

LG logoLG is a famous South Korean electronics company and even though they are primarily known for being one of the largest television manufacturers in the world, they have also produced some incredible microwave ovens. LG combines modern design with old-school simplicity and high performance. We have reviewed a number of their microwaves and most of them are nothing short of great – they perform well, look good and don’t cost too much.

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2. Frigidaire

Frigidaire is an American home appliances company. It was founded back in 1918 and has since then become famous for producing high quality refrigerators, but might soon become better known for their microwaves – their ovens are usually compact, practical, functional and highly efficient. On top of that, Frigidaire’s microwaves definitely won’t burn a hole in most budgets. All of this has secured their place in our list.

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3. GE (General Electrics)

general_electric_logoAnother American company that has made it to our list is General Electrics or GE. They have been producing good microwave ovens consistently (their over-the-range ovens, especially, are usually nothing short of brilliant) and they don’t overcharge their customers either. General Electrics microwaves are typically solid, durable and functional models that don’t lack in the power department. For what it’s worth, our review team mostly have GE products in their own kitchens.

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4. Sharp

Sharp is one of the oldest and best-known electronics brands in the world. This Japanese company was founded over 100 years ago and ever since then they have been changing the world with their inventions and products. The company takes its name from one of its founder’s first inventions – the Ever-Sharp mechanical pen. In the East, they are best known for their smartphones and in the West for their televisions. They have also produced a large number of microwaves; these tend to be user-friendly with high-end specifications.

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5. Dacor 

Dacor is the youngest (founded in 1965) and perhaps the least known brand on our list, but judging by the microwaves they’ve been releasing, it won’t stay that way long. This is a California-based, family owned company that focuses strictly on kitchen appliances – this shows in their work. Their microwave ovens are a combination of clever design, high performance and durability.

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6. Westinghouse

Founded in 1886, this powerful brand has the slogan ‘innovation you can be sure of’. From breakthroughs in electricity to atom-smashers and making the cameras that recorded the moon landings, Westinghouse has been ahead of the curve for over a century. At the moment they only make countertop microwaves – we await their first foray into the exciting world of over-the-range devices.

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7. Danby

Danby’s mission statement is to be a ‘leader in Refrigeration and Specialty Appliances’. Founded 65 years ago, Danby remains a family-owned company based in North America and has a special focus on durability and offering great warranties.

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8. Samsung

Needing no introduction, Samsung has been making both countertop and over-the-range microwaves since the beginning of time (almost). They started mass producing microwaves in 1979 and by 1994 they had produced 30 million units.

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