Westinghouse WCM770B Counter Top Microwave Oven Review

Next on our list of smaller countertop microwaves is Westinghouse’s WCM770B model. Although a tad larger than some countertop ovens, this one is a good combination of performance and practicality.

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Aesthetic design is mostly a matter of personal taste, but one can’t help but wonder what the designers were thinking when they decided it would be a good idea to mix up the color scheme of the touch buttons. In my opinion, this makes the control scheme look a bit haphazard. Some people might like this eccentric little addition, but it feels like Westinghouse tried to inject a bit of flavour into this microwave’s aesthetic design and failed. Like a guy at a party trying too hard to be ‘wacky’. Are we reading too much into this? Do we spend too much time testing microwaves? Maybe!


Aesthetics aside, the WCM77B doesn’t really have any major design issues. The control scheme is actually very intuitive and easy to use. The display is nice, simple and easy to read. With dimensions of 19.2 x 11.2 x 15.2 inches, this is a fairly small microwave oven. On top of that, it weighs only 24.6 pounds, so it should be easy to move it around if needed. 0.7 cubic foot of capacity is not much, but it is pretty much a given with most countertop microwave ovens. The child lock feature is also worthy of a mention and always a welcome addition.

Some force is needed to open the door, which can sometimes move this light microwave, so you might end up holding the microwave itself in place while opening the door. Of course this is a ‘first world problem’, but when you’re in a hectic kitchen with your hands full you do need things to be simple. Apart from the aesthetics, this is the only design flaw of the WCM77BB.

Overall, this is a solidly designed microwave that is also easy to use and apart from a couple of minor flaws everything works as you’d expect.


Performance-wise, the WCM77B performs similarly to other countertop microwaves today. It is not spectacular and you won’t be able to cook elaborate meals with it, but it is absolutely perfect for quick cooking tasks, including reheating and defrosting food.

10 power levels are more than enough and six different pre-sets (Popcorn, Pizza, Beverage, Potato, Frozen Food, Reheat) all work great. Although it uses only 700 watts of power, the WCM77B performs very well and cooks evenly. Even the pre-sets are accurate, timing-wise, and there is no need to add extra time or do anything else, which isn’t always the case with small countertop microwave ovens.

All in all, the WCM77B is a very good product that has just about everything one could hope for from a small countertop microwave – and it is very affordable. Those who don’t feel like spending a lot of money on a microwave oven and mean to use it only for simpler cooking tasks need look no further.


Dimensions and Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 24.6 lbs
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Height: 10.3 inches
  • Depth: 12.9 inches
  • Capacity: 0.7 Cu. Ft.
  • Color: Black
  • Material type: Steel
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wattage: 700 watts
  • Presets: Popcorn, Beverage, Pizza, Frozen Food, Potato, Reheat
  • Power levels: 10


  1. Great performance
  2. Ease of use
  3. Price


  1. Not the most aesthetically pleasing model

Final Verdict: A Good, Cheap Countertop Microwave Oven

Westinghouse’s WCM770B countertop microwave oven is a good microwave that, most importantly, performs very well. The small size makes it perfect for condos and smaller apartments and those of you who aren’t looking for a big microwave to prepare large family meals will be perfectly satisfied with it.

The WCM770B doesn’t really have any major flaws, except perhaps a couple when it comes to the visual aspect of this model. However, this is more a matter of personal taste and preference than it is a matter of Westinghouse’s lack of effort or design quality. All of this combined with the low price makes this microwave absolutely perfect for some of our readers.

Commercial Chef CHM770B Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cu. Ft, Black
660 Ratings
Commercial Chef CHM770B Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cu. Ft, Black
  • 10 cooking power levels provide great cooking flexibility
  • 6 convenient quick cook settings include popcorn, baked potato, pizza, beverage, reheat and frozen dinners
  • Plenty of power at 700 watts but a small footprint makes it perfect for a small apartment or studio

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Westinghouse WCM770B Manual